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Prostate adenoma


Prostate adenoma is an increase of thr prostate gland in sizes, which can be found at the majority of men after 55 years. Prostate adenoma may cause some inconvenience, but usually does not cause serious health complications. Contrary to popular belief, prostate adenoma does not affect the fertility and erection.
At increasing, the prostate can squeeze or block the urethra, that causes problems with an urination.
Symptoms of prostate adenoma are following problems:
• frequent urination;
• urination in small portions;
• feeling of incomplete bladder emptying;
• sluggish urine stream;
• frequent visiting the bathroom during the night;
At hypostasis, prostate adenoma leads to squeezing of a bladder that makes the process of urination impossible. Such situation can lead to the urine delay and cause the infection of uric ways. In certain situations (stress, frequent inflammations, diseases of urinary tract, intracellular changes) adenoma can become malignant. For diagnostics of this process, for a man more than 50 years it is necessary special inspection for the PSA (an oncomarker of a prostate gland) at least 1 time a year. Treatment of prostate adenoma is applied in that case when symptoms rather strongly disturb you - at delay of urine, bladder infections or emergence of stones in a bladder.
There are different methods of treatment of prostate adenoma, which are divided into medical and surgical. Factors which influence on the choice of optimum method, depend on your symptoms and existence of other medical indications.
In the medical center, the medical treatment of prostate adenoma or benign prostate hyperplasia is held.

Панасовский Николай Леонидович

Nikolay Panasovskiy

doctor urologist-andrologist of the highest category

Слонов Станислав Геннадиевич

Иванова Анна Валентиновна

Anna Ivanova

doctor urologist-andrologist

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