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All the services from the moment of the selection of the surrogate mother and egg donor to the birth of the baby and legal support are provided by the Surrogate Motherhood Center of the Clinic of the professor A.M. Feskov without any intermediaries, with an attractive price and guarantee of the positive result.

акция ЭКО пакет Молодежный
IVF with medicines

Complex IVF program

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Prerequisites for participation in the action:
- couple matching medical requirements;
- readiness of couples to start a medical program for IVF;
- The beginning of stimulation in the promotional period;
- Payment program on the first day of stimulation.

Medical requirements (requirements relating to women):
-  age under the 33 years old;
- Regular menstrual cycles;
- AMH (Anti-Mullerian hormone) is greater than 2;
- FSH (follicle stimulating hormone) is less than 10;
- The number of antral follicles at least 5 (in one ovary).