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erektilnaya disfunkciya

Erectile dysfunction

IMPOTENCE TREATMENT (Erectile dysfunction)

In the minds of most men, there is a belief that impotence - is an incurable disease, and it is necessary to reconcile with this deplorable state. Yes, it must be admitted, that before the impotence was treated with ineffective means, so there were almost no results of treatment. But since medicine has leaped forward, nowadays, in its arsenal, there are new, highly effective, proven methods of impotence treatment (erectile dysfunction): conservative and surgical.
The main causes of potency disorder:
1. Psychogenic:
• fear of failure, family conflicts;
• depressions;
• stressful situations;
• chronic neurosis, psychosis;
• mental disorders.
2. Neurogenic:
• spinal and brain traumas;
• disseminated sclerosis;
• disorders of brain blood circulation;
• surgery on the spinal cord and brain;
• disorders of peripheral innervation (neuropathy - alcohol, drug, diabetes mellitus, etc);
• osteochondrosis of the lumbosacral spine (radiculopathy).
3. Endocrine:
• disorder of the secretory function of the pituitary gland;
• disorder of a thyroid gland, adrenal glands;
• diabetes;
• congenital and disorders of acquired androgen (testosterone) in the testes.
4. Vascular:
• hypertonic disease;
• atherosclerosis, hypercholesterolemia;
• diabetes (macro- and microangiopathy);
• disorder of the venous outflow from the penis (disorder of vienna-occlusive mechanism).
5. Organic lesions of the penis::
• injury, Peyronie's disease, inflammation of the corpora cavernosa.
6. Medicinal:
• occur at patients, who receive antihypertensive drugs, antidepressants, psychotropic, hormonal and anti-ulcer drugs.
7. Pelvic inflammatory disease.
Diagnostics of impotence (erectile dysfunction) allows, with high accuracy, to identify the causes, that lead to a decrease or absence of erection. Only after identifying the true causes, best possible treatment may be prescribed.
Methods of impotence treatment are various, but in general, they are divided into conservative and operative.
Operative (surgical) methods
They are conducted in severe forms of vascular erectile dysfunction, Peyronie's disease, fibrous cavernous tissue of the penis.
Operative methods of treatment of erectile dysfunction include endo - fallot prosthesis and vascular surgery of the penis. As a rule, surgery is the final stage of impotence treatment, when all previous techniques of treatment were ineffective (or according to certain indications). Operations on vessels of a penis are held strictly according to indications. At Peyronie's disease (plaque in the cavernous body of the penis, due to which the penis is curved during erection) is held an excision of plaque and its replacement by prostheses.
During combining erectile dysfunction and Peyronie's disease, treatment is held only by surgery - endo fallot prosthesis (special prosthetic replacement of the corpora cavernosa. Only by this way, man can keep sexual function.
Medical methods
Conservative or medical treatment of impotence is divided into reception of oral preparations, intracavernous introduction of drugs, intrauretralny introduction of drug, and also the therapy, which eliminate and the correct the reasons, leading to disorder of potency. Tableted preparations. Now there is a huge amount of the medicines applied to the treatment of impotenceTheir effectiveness is, depending on the drug, from 10 to 75% and, as a rule, they are either one-off erectile stimulants, or drugs that affect at psychogenic disorders of potency.
Particular interest in this group of drugs present "Viagra" and "Cialis", which have a strong potent stimulatory effect, but they can be taken only after a thorough cardiovascular examination and other organ systems.
Intraurethral therapy or introduction of the drug of group "Prostaglandin E-1" into the urethra before sexual intercourse. Unfortunately, this technique is not widely used in the world because of the high cost and side effects (burning sensation in the urethra and discomfort in the vagina of the partner), as well as due to the mandatory use of condoms.
Intracavernous injection of vasoactive drugs. The method is quite simple and consists of the introduction of vasoactive drugs ("Prostaglandin E-1") into the cavernous body of the penis, after what there is a strong controlled erection, that has a certain therapeutic effect. Today, this method is the most widespread in the world and the most effective in achieving single erection, as well is the therapeutic drugs, that influence on the various forms of impotence. Action of a drug is only local, that allows to lower side effects to a minimum.

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