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    of Human Reproduction

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  • klinika professora feskova

    Center of
    Human Reproduction

    Your PLANNED happiness

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  • Bienvenida



    Todos los servicios desde el momento de la selección de la madre subrogada y la donante de óvulos hasta el nacimiento del bebé y el apoyo legal se prestan por el Centro de la Maternidad de Sustitución de la clínica del profesor A.M. Feskov sin intermediarios, con un precio atractivo y la garantía del resultado positivo.

  • IVF with medicaments


    IVF with medicaments

    Complex program «Re-productive»

  • Dear friends!


    Dear friends!

    All the services from the moment of the selection of the surrogate mother and egg donor to the birth of the baby and legal support are provided by the Surrogate Motherhood Center of the Clinic of the professor A.M. Feskov without any intermediaries, with an attractive price and guarantee of the positive result.

Our team
Безпечная Ирина Михайловна

Irina Bezpechnaya

head of the IVF department

Пуляева Инна Сергеевна

Inna Pulyaeva

Витюк Алла Дмитриевна

Alla Vityuk

OB/GYN, ultrasound diagnostics

Сомова Елена Витальевна

Elena Somova

head of the embryology department

5 reasons to undergo treatment we
  • 1 Each of the doctors at our clinic – is experienced professional, whose knowledge and abilities are collected during 20 years of work. More than in 52 countries of the world there live children, who were born as a result of our IVF successful programs.
  • 2 The percentage of success of treatment by IVF method in Clinic of professor Feskov A.M. – is 45%, after cryoprotocols – nearly 70%. These indicators conform to the international standards.
  • 3 The individual approach to each patient is an additional chance for successful treatment. Daily concilium is held at our clinic, which provides the expert analysis of a problem of each client and defines the treatment tactics.
  • 4 You can pass a full cycle of treatment – from diagnostics of the reasons of infertility until pregnancy approach, and also get prenatal diagnostics during the pregnancy.
  • 5 We use the safe advanced equipment. The autonomous system of power supply provides independent and impregnable all laboratories and embryological box from external factors and situations.
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Пациенты клиники

Добрый день! Начну свою историю знакомства с клиникой. Мне посоветовали знакомые и не одна. Мы с мужем не могли ...

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счастливые родители

Хочу висловити подяку лікарні і окремо Блажко Олені Василівні, яка вела нас по програмі ЕКЗ ...

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пациентка клиники

Обратилась в клинику, потому что знакомые пациенты клиники утверждали: "Здесь самые лучшие гинекологи". Но сейчас хочу ...

  • IVF

    In the department the treatment of all kinds of female and male infertility by IVF is provided. In the presence of pathological spermatozoa auxiliary technologies, like IKSI, IMSI, PIKSI, are used. To solve the problem of conception it is also used an intrauterine insemination with sperm of husband or donor. It is widely practiced the use of mononuclear cells - the introduction of peripheral blood to increase the capacity of the endometrial implantation.

  • Diagnostic and treatment

    In the department operate clinical and diagnostic and genetic laboratory, with the possibility of a wide range of researches, including molecular and genetic diagnosis, also the out-patient department, with the possibility to diagnose and treat gynecological diseases, carrying out efferent methods of treatment: plasmapheresis, UVBI, ozone therapy, all types of ultrasound diagnostic, including prenatal diagnosis of pregnant women on the machine of expert class Voluson E8, also consultation of the gynecologist-geneticist, therapist, mammalogist, urologist, andrologist and other professionals.

  • Surgical treatment

    Highly qualified professionals and the general operating equipment give the possibility to provide operations of any complexity: laparoscopy, hysteroscopy, hysteroresectoscopy, fertiloscopy, surgery for descent and prolapse of genitals and incontinence. Availability of tools of different manufacturers allows to choose the optimal cost-effective option for you. After surgery, all patients are placed in chambers of various levels of comfort (from "economy" to "luxury") and is under medical supervision around the clock.

  • Esthetic medicine

    Referring to the department of aesthetic medicine, you will discover the endless possibilities of new techniques, allowing to extend youth and improve your appearance. The principal difference of cosmetology of the clinic from salon is the approach to the skin as an organ, and to the patient as a whole organism.