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In vitro fertilization


Artificial fertilization (in vitro, "fertilization in a test tube") is used when repeated attempts to become pregnant do not lead to the success. Usually, in such situations the problem with conception is caused to the married couple not only by one factor. Therefore the choice of an optimum method of treatment of infertility which is possible only after full preliminary examination of a couple is very important.

In vitro fertilization: prices in Ukraine (Kharkov)

Treatment cost of IVF, ICSI, IDS, IHS method, and also IUI which are provided by the IVF Center of professor Feskov A.M. ® you can find here. If you are interested in receiving treatment with the help of method of in vitro fertilization, you can ask a question at our coordinators center, having called by telephone number +38(057) 760-46-66 or with the help of online form.

Methods of artificial fertilization;

Artificial insemination (AI)
• In vitro fertilization (IVF)
• Intracytoplasmic spermatozoon injection (ICSI)

Artificial insemination (AI)

AI – is an introduction of spermatozoa to uterus cavity in the period of spontaneous or induced ovulation. Previously, the sperm (of spouse or donor) is exposed to the special processing, which increases the spermatozoa ability for fertilization. The important condition is an existence of information about uterine tubes passability.


Fertilization by IVF method includes some consecutive stages. It is controlled ovulation stimulation (COS) during which the woman receives injections with follicle stimulating preparations. Then, with intravenous anesthesia, the transvaginal puncture of follicles (TVP) is made. All received oocytes (ova) are impregnated by sperm of the husband (donor) in the conditions of embryological laboratory. In the course of cultivation of embryos, in the incubator the conditions, which are most approached to that like in the woman's organism, are created. Further, the choice of one or two most perspective embryos with their subsequent transfer into uterus cavity of the woman is made.


The ICSI procedure (ICSI, an intracytoplasmic injection of a spermatozoon into the oocyte) is applied at the expressed decrease of sperm test indicators. At ICSI it is made the microinjection of one, carefully selected by the morphological indicators, spermatozoon into ovum cytoplasm by means of microneedle.

Безпечная Ирина Михайловна

Irina Bezpechnaya

head of the IVF department

Зозулина Александра Николаевна

Alexandra Zozulina

doctor obstetrician-gynecologist

Жилкова Евгения Станиславовна

Evgeniya Zhilkova

head of the genetic laboratory

Чумакова Наталья Александровна

Natalia Chumakova

doctor obstetrician-gynecologist

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