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laparoskopiya v ginekologii


Laparoscopy in Gynecology

Laparoscopy (other. Gr. Λαπάρα - groin, belly + others. Gr. Σκοπέω - look) - a modern method of surgery in which the surgical interventions on internal organs are carried out without cutting the anterior abdominal wall 2-4 puncture (hole size 0, 5 to 1.5 cm). Through one hole entered the optical system (a laparoscope) that allows you to visualize the contents of the magnification of the abdomen and pelvis. For the rest of the holes introduced tools for the product of manipulation during surgery.

Indications for surgery

In Human reproduction center «Clinic of Professor Feskov ®" operations are performed at various gynecologic pathology. We can distinguish the following basic diseases and conditions in which laparoscopic surgery is performed:

• Infertility (for diagnosis of tubal patency and restoring patency)

• Endometriosis

• Uterine fibroids

• Polycystic ovary syndrome

• Ovarian cysts and tumors

• Surgical sterilization (for handling a woman who does not plan to raging pregnancy and childbirth, is interested in the transaction contraceptive purposes. This procedure is irreversible).

Methods of operation

In typical cases, the main gynecological operations puncture performed in the area of ​​the navel. On this hole inserted a laparoscope, is fed gas that inflates the abdominal wall that is necessary for this operation. Additional holes are made right and left lower abdomen (Fig. 2). If necessary, 4 additional tool mounted puncture.


Human reproduction center «Clinic of Professor Feskov ®" during laparoscopic surgery for infertility while checking tubal patency conducts procedure with a second camera which injected directly into the fallopian tube. The method allows to evaluate the fimbriae ("fringed appendages" in the end section of the fallopian tube) and endosalpings (inner layer of the uterine tube covered with cilia), which serve to capture the egg and promote it in the fallopian tube.

Surgical treatments via laparoscopy in Human reproduction center "Clinic of Professor Feskov ®":

-        Infertility diagnostics

-        Tubal patency evaluation

-        Endometriosis / endometriomas treatment

-        Cyst / ovarian tumors removal

-        Uterus removal

-        uterus extirpation

-        prophylactic salpingo-oophorectomy

-        gynecological cancer surgery

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Блажко Елена Васильевна

Elena Blazhko

head of the department of hospital for in-patients

Феськов Александр Михайлович

Alexandr Feskov

Director of Center of Human Reproduction, head physician

Каразеев Юрий Алексеевич

Karazeev Yuri Alekseevich

doctor obstetrician-gynecologist

Рыжков Артём Вячеславович

Artem Ruzkov

doctor obstetrician-gynecologist

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