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Infertility treatment

Infertility treatment

After the examination of married couple and definition of reasons which caused infertility, methods of treatment are selected according to the optimality position for each case. This is either conservative treatment (hormonal, anti-inflammatory), or surgical. In case when these methods of treatment are ineffective, the treatment is provided by methods of the assisted reproductive technologies (ART).Nowadays, infertility treatment assumes quite wide choice of various methods and approaches. Recently, the treatment in Ukraine has reached the European level in quality, but remains available with the price.

Female infertility treatment

If a woman has hormonal violations, she is appointed the corresponding treatment. If ovulation violation became the reason of infertility, ovulation stimulation is used. In case of violations of uterine tubes passability, surgical ways of treatment are applied– a laparoscopy, etc. In case of heavier and more difficult violations of female reproductive system, the treatment of couple is provided by IVF method.

Male infertility treatment

ICSI – a method of male infertility treatment, during which, previously selected spermatozoon is located directly into ovum. Male infertility treatment, in most cases, is provided by this method - it effectively solves a problem of poor quality sperm.
Male infertility treatment by ICSI method is recommended at small amount of mobile spermatozoa, existence of antibodies in sperm, maintenance decrease of spermatozoa of normal form in the ejaculate, maintenance decrease of mature spermatozoa in the ejaculate (PICSI – physiological ICSI), in previous unsuccessful IVF attempts.

Treatment methods

Nowadays, infertility is not a condemnation — for the last several tens years the medicine has made a big break in assisted reproductive technologies. With their help it is possible to conceive and give birth to healthy child even in those cases which quite recently were seemed to be hopeless. In this section of the site you will get acquainted with the modern assisted reproductive technologies (ART) and their application in the Center of reproduction of professor Feskov A.M. ®. Intrauterine insemination (IUI) In vitro fertilization (IVF) IVF+ICSI IVF+TESE IVF and preimplantation diagnostics (IVF+PGD IVM Egg donation Cryo-cycle

Тищенко Алексей Александрович

Aleksey Tischenko


Феськов Александр Михайлович

Alexandr Feskov

Director of Center of Human Reproduction, head physician

Блажко Елена Васильевна

Elena Blazhko

head of the department of hospital for in-patients

Зозулина Александра Николаевна

Alexandra Zozulina

doctor obstetrician-gynecologist

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