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Female infertility can be caused by many reasons, and in order to make the correct diagnosis, prescribe the right treatment, it is necessary to exert maximum effort. Very important factor, affecting the ability of conception, or the possibility of infertility, is a feature of female constitution or ratio of muscles and fat in the body. According to medical research, conducted by different experts, in different countries, infertility often affects women, who suffer from either underweight or overweight. The probability of infertility increases for five times, if the weight is less than 85% of normal weight for given height, and for twice, increases the risk of infertility, if the weight exceeds the norm for 120%.
If woman's weight is too low, the body interprets this as a state of "hunger" in which pregnancy and childbirth are an unacceptable burden for the mother. It signals to the brain that the reproductive process is needed to be paused.
The main problem of women with excess weight - is a metabolic syndrome, which is, in essence, is one more state of "vicious circle" - a carbohydrate violation and fat metabolism provokes hormonal background violation.
The causes of female infertility with overweight:
• Insufficiency of 2d phase of a cycle when an ovum, having been fertilized, simply "jumps out" with menstruation bleeding because of impossibility to be attached. Such impossibility is caused by a lack of progesterone. Because of it the uterus is not in the "weakened" state, endometrium is not reconstructed for the reception of fertilized ovum.
• Absence of ovulation – is a key condition for pregnancy approaching – when an ovum leaves the follicle which burst in an ovary. The "disappearance" mechanism of an ovulation consists that stout women have a problem under the name of insulin resistance. This state is connected with an excess of insulin, its inability to utilize glucose, and ability "to turn" carbohydrates into fat. Insulin resistance – is the starting mechanism of development of a polycystous ovary syndrome.
• The hypomenstrual syndrome – is a set of signs, which pour out finally as scanty periods, respectively, there is no endometrium growth – mucous in uterus. Such state is especially dangerous. The periods can disappear at all, and the syndrome of premature exhaustion of ovaries is developing. In this case "to get" an ovum will not be possible at all, it will be necessary to use donor egg. Receptors in the uterus, which have not received the correct hormonal stimulation for a long time, will atrophy, and, most often, irrevocably.
• The hyper menstrual syndrome – most often is followed by uterine bleeding. Contrary to previous, it is shown by very plentiful, frequent periods because of excess growth of mucous in the uterus. Such growth is called as endometrial hyperplasia. It can be provoked by excess of estrogen in fatty tissue, as well as because of androgens - male hormones. Their production is raised due to excess body weight. Existence of endometrial hyperplasia at women with excess body weight – the unambiguous indication – providing hysteroscopy with a scraping of uterus sides with the subsequent histologic research of scrapings. The risk of detection of endometrial cancer (uterus cancer) is high.
With what to begin?
Without any doubt, it is necessary to begin with the correcting of body weight under control of competent experts: psychotherapist, nutritionist, endocrinologist.
To lose weight safely, it is necessary to do it under control of the expert which will deal with the reasons of excess weight, and also will eliminate them. The same concerns the deficiency of body weight, the reasons of insufficiency or redundancy of weight are often in our mentality.
Set the purposes and reach them with the help of experts!

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