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Kharkov is one of the most visited cities in Ukraine, and not only because of countless students and immigrants. In the former capital of Ukraine tourist infrastructure is highly developed and here there are a lot of things to see and many variants to spend free time. It is one of the biggest cities of Eastern Ukraine, which is situated on the historical area called Slobozhanshina. City is not always in place and every time pleasantly surprises the travelers. Kharkov is comparatively young city – such name it has nearly 360 years. These tarretories were massively populated during the reign of Empress Anna Ioanovna. Therefore, you can find no of ancient monuments here, only some of examples, brought from other regions.

So, why Kharkov attracks tourists?What do they find here that makes them return again and again?

Reason 1
Kharkov is former capital of Ukraine in the USSR. Perhaps, therefore, the city center is built, taking into account the status of the city and there are unique attractions that can not be found anywhere else. For example, Derzhprom since its construction gained fame of "first Ukrainian skyscraper."

Reason 2
The biggest square of Europe is situated here. On the territory of 12 hectares it could be placed 5 "Red Squares" of Moscow. Throughout the world, there are not more than 10 of such squares. Architectural composition around the square emphasizes the greatness os Square of  Freedom.

Reason 3
In Kharkov there is the oldest cinema situated in Eastern Europe. Ciname “Bommer”, named after its founders, appeared in 1908 and became the first stationary cinema at that time. For more than a hundred years here were shown different movies without changing the purpose of the premises. Even during the war, it was always very crowded. Now in "Bommer" film festivals are held, which demonstrate mostly arthouse wine.

Reason 4
Kharkov has its own Disneyland. One of the main attractions is the Gorky Park, which in recent years has become one of the best amusement parks not only in Ukraine, but also, perhaps, in Europe. This is a very beautiful, clean and modern park, divided into several thematic "blocks", with attractions for all tastes, cafes and even a private lake with swans.

Reason 5
Kharkiv is a secret capital of shopping in Ukraine. Many intercity buses even have a destination not on the bus station in Kharkiv, but on the market "Barabashovo", which is included in the top 15 largest markets in the world. On 75 acres of "Barabashovo" 16 car parks, police station, fire brigade, medical center and 20 thousand trading places compactly housed.

Lovers of store shopping Kharkiv will be pleased with hypermarkets, where they can buy branded goods.

Reason 6
There are two large zoo, where you can see the most unseen animals. Central Zoo is the oldest one in Ukraine, it was founded in 1896. There are more than 7000 animals of over 400 species. Near there are the aquarium and dolphinarium. And on the outskirts of the city is a private zoo - Ecopark of Feldman, which is smaller, but in many ways is more attractive than its central "competitor." Entrance here is free, and kids are treated with ice cream.

Reason 7
In this city there is the famous "triangle" of cathedrals: Pokrovskiy, Uspenskiy and Blagoveshanskiy. First one is built in the style of «Cossack Baroque», the second - in the spirit of classicism, the third combines Gothic and Byzantine Balkan-items.