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narusheniya spermogrammi

Disorders of semen tests

Oligozoospermia, asthenozoospermia, teratozoospermia, azoospermia, spermatoschesis - are basic terms that are used to assess semen test in male infertility, they allow to predict the possibility of fertilization either naturally or using IVF / ICSI technologies .
Investigation of the ejaculate parameters - is important in the assessment of male fertility. In order to understand the possible combinations of defects, the following terminology is used in semen test:
Normozoospermiya - normal indicators.
Oligozoospermiya – decrease of spermatozoa concentration less than 20 million in 1 ml.
Astenozoospermiya – decrease of spermatozoa progressive mobility.
Teratozoospermiya – decrease of maintenance of spermatozoa of a normal structure less than 30%.
Azoospermia - no sperm in the ejaculate.
Spermatoschesis - no ejaculate.
Frequently. combined forms of pathospermia are found: oligoasthenozoospermia, oligoteratozoospermiya, etc. On a row with a sperm test in the IVF Center of professor Feskov A.M. ® researches for fructose concentration (function of semenal vesicles), zinc (prostate function), alpha glucosidase (epididymis function) are conducted.
During the treatment of sperm pathology the individual approach to each patient is necessary. Conducting of such examinations as: DNA fragmentation, morphology, NCA test, MAR-test and genetic researches – allows to establish the most exact diagnosis.

Панасовский Николай Леонидович

Nikolay Panasovskiy

doctor urologist-andrologist of the highest category

Иванова Анна Валентиновна

Anna Ivanova

doctor urologist-andrologist

Боровской Михаил Борисович

Mihail Borovskoy

pediatric urologist

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