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Oncology and Infertility


Information for oncological patients:

Treatment of oncological patients of reproductive age leads to loss of reproductive function. Before carrying out surgical interventions with the subsequent removal of ovaries, chemotherapy, radiation therapy, it is necessary to define risk of loss of reproductive function. In a case of "less aggressive" treatment the doctor defines the extent of alleged damage.

It is necessary to remember that reproductive potential can be lost even after one course of treatment (chemotherapy, radiation therapy, removal of ovaries).

Oncological patients are special group of patients. Tactics of maintaining the program of preservation and restoration of reproductive potential is defined by the doctor-reproductologist together with the oncologist.

In the Center of a reproduction of the person professor Feskov A.M. ® there are various methods of preservation and restoration of fertility.

Cryopreservation of embryos

For a cryopreservation of embryos the controlled ovarian stimulation is carried out as a result of which the received ova impregnate by spermatozoa of the husband or donor by IVF/ICSI method. Embryos cryopreserve by a vitrification method.

Our experts manage the random-start technique. It allows to carry out the IVF program in any day of a menstrual cycle and not to postpone an initiation of treatment.

At hormonal and dependent tumors the protocol of stimulation at which the level of an estradiol is lower, than in the course of a natural ovulation is carried out (which means that the procedure is safe for patience with breast cancer and endometrial cancer).)

Cryopreservation of ova

The cryopreservation of ova is a real possibility of preservation of fertility (the genetic material) for young women which have not decided with a choice of the husband or biological father of the child yet. By a cryopreservation method – a vitrification of the ova received after carrying out the controlled ovarian stimulation.

Cryopreservation of ovarian tissue (ovary)

The above methods of preservation of ova are successfully applied in the Center of human reproduction as well for not oncological reasons (cancellation of transfer of an embryo in an IVF program cycle, absence of the husband in day of receiving ova, desire of the woman to postpone pregnancy for the social reasons, etc.).

Since 2007 year The center of a reproduction of the person of professor Feskov А.М.® carries out programs of preservation of fertility of the women having endometriosis, hematologic, autoimmune diseases.

Since 2013 indications and possibilities of preservation of fertility of women are expanded.

For receiving material for a cryopreservation, we don't delete ovaries but only we allocate a cortical layer (the superficial epithelium sated with ova).

We are the first in the CIS who executed a successful cryopreservation and transplantation of tissue of ovary in 2013.

Why the preservation of fertility should be made in the Center of a reproduction of the person (clinic of professor Feskov A.M. ®)?

1. We possess 15 years' experience in a vitrification of oocytes.

2. We have an opportunity to receive oocytes both transvaginal and with laparoscopic access.

3. Embryological boxing is directly near the reproductive operational. It allows to use genetic material, without using transportation that provides 100% safety.

4. Possibility of carrying out genetic testing of an embryo.

If the disease has the risk of transmission to children, genetic testing before fertility preservation procedure is held. We define mutations of genes which led to developing of a cancer, and then in the course of the IVF program we choose only healthy embryos (embryos, which free from cancer genes, not inherited a cancer).

5. To patients of the IVF Center of professor Feskov A.M. ® is given a psychological assistance by the psychotherapist.

6. We have an opportunity to help those patients who in the process of treating have their uterus removed. In our clinic the center of substitute motherhood functions.

For oncological patients (men)

Side effect of treatment of the men's oncological diseases is full oppression of a spermatogenesis. The world practice and our experience recommend a sperm cryopreservation before any kind of treatment of oncological diseases.

The prescribed diagnose "cancer" brings into a stressful condition of any person (despite that fact that the diagnosis cancer today - at all not a sentence).

Achievements of modern oncology reached positive results in survival of patients after treatment. Preservation of reproductive function is restoration of quality of life which is available today.

Possibilities of preservation of fertility for men:

1. A cryopreservation of the sperm received in the natural way.

2. A cryopreservation of the sperm received in the surgical way (if the man has difficulties with an erection).

3. For patience with the testis's tumors the oncoTESE procedure (allocation of spermatozoa after removal of testis) is carried out.


Fertility preservation – chance to become parents in future!

Сомова Елена Витальевна

Elena Somova

head of the embryology department

Безпечная Ирина Михайловна

Irina Bezpechnaya

head of the IVF department

Чумакова Наталья Александровна

Natalia Chumakova

doctor obstetrician-gynecologist

Феськов Александр Михайлович

Alexandr Feskov

Director of Center of Human Reproduction, head physician

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