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deviacia polovogo chlena

Surgery at congenital penis deviations

The congenital penis curvature occurs because of the asymmetry of corpora cavernosa, their disproportions, underdevelopment of the urethral channel, tunica or penis fascias. It appeares against the insufficient quantity of sexual hormones during pre-natal development or during puberty.
Penis curvature becomes noticeable during sexual development when there is an erection (during erectile organ state). The corner of a curvature can be in any party (can reach the angle of 90 °C), however the erection is absolutely painless and does not cause any unpleasant feelings. Troubles can appear in sexual life.
Congenital penis deviations:
- ventral
- dorsal
- lateral
- combined
Methods of surgical correction:
Application method - suturing of curved half of the penis, creating of dublication albuginea on the side of greater curvature.
+ low-injury
- shortening of penis length
Corpoplastic - is replacement of tunica area of penis by transplant
+ preservation of penis sizes
- invasiveness

Панасовский Николай Леонидович

Nikolay Panasovskiy

doctor urologist-andrologist of the highest category

Иванова Анна Валентиновна

Anna Ivanova

doctor urologist-andrologist

Боровской Михаил Борисович

Mihail Borovskoy

pediatric urologist

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