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Prostatitis - is an inflammatory disease of the prostate (prostatitis). The prostate, gland of a size in a walnut, is located under a bladder. Symptoms of prostatitis can be a pain in the perineum, back bottom or abdomen, frequent urination, and a violation of nature, pain during ejaculation.
One of the main functions of the prostate is the producing of fluid that is rich which all necessary materials for the spermatozoa life. As causes of prostatitis may be bacterial infection, trauma, hypothermia, poor circulation in the pelvic organs and hormonal disorders. Prostatitis occurs with men at any age, but most cases occur with patients under 50 years.
Prostatitis can be bacterial (acute and chronic), and chronic non-bacterial (chronic pelvic pain syndrome). Acute and chronic prostatitis provokes microorganisms that fall into the prostate, often through the urethra. Treatment of acute prostatitis usually ends with complete recovery of the patient. However, chronic prostatitis, unfortunately, prones to relapses. Treatment of the disease is frequently complicated if there are inflamed stones in the prostate.
The causes of chronic non-bacterial prostatitis (symptoms of prostatitis present at patients, but in the prostatic secretions bacteria is not detected) are completely unclear. It is characterized by long (not less than 3 months) pains in the genital area, pelvis and perineum. It is one of the most common forms of prostatitis (about 90% cases).
Diagnostics of prostatitis
Diagnostics of prostatitis is a rare complexity for the urologist. After general examination, the doctor makes manual rectal examination of the prostate and takes the prostatic secret for analysis. Also, before starting the treatment, in the laboratory it is done urine culture and secretion of the prostate with the definition of sensitivity of flora to various antibiotics.
Treatment of prostatitis
Treatment of prostatitis is a comprehensive and tailored for each individual patient. For the treatment, modern medicine uses antibacterial and immunotherapy, physical therapy, prostate massage and lifestyle correction.
Where to treat prostatitis in Kharkov? For more detailed information about the treatment of prostatitis, contact our coordinator by the contacts, listed on the site.

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