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Psychotherapy at infertility

The companion of women, who suffer from infertility, as a rule, is psychopathological condition with different degree of expressiveness, the consequence of what is formation of stable stress of the majority of them.
The psychotherapy sessions, which help to cope with a stress, considerably increase the chances of conception at the women, who suffer from infertility. The American scientists, who have submitted the report about their research at annual conference of the European society of embryology and human reproduction, came to such conclusions.
Psychological (psychogenic, psychosomatic) infertility without any changes in female reproductive system, is meet seldom. It is that case, when doctors do not establish the visible reasons of infertility, make the diagnosis "infertility of unclear genesis" (the first version of address). In this situation it is useful to take a pause in continuous race of examinations, to listen to yourself and to ask for the professional help the psychotherapist in order to understand the reasons of such state. With functional and immunological reasons of infertility the it is recommended psychotherapy, which will help to cope with a chronic stress. This therapy demands time, but significantly less, than years, spent for attempts to become pregnant independently.
For many women IVF becomes an exit from current situation.
The psychotherapy has to be provided from the moment of introduction into IVF program by means of complex of psychotherapeutic techniques and to consist of several stages.
The first stage – is decrease of uneasiness, the second – is neutralization of the negative experiences concerning infertility and last experience of treatment, the third – is correction of pregnancy motivation, the fourth – is achievement of psychoemotional balance during the period from the date of embryo transfer till the day of pregnancy diagnostics. The great attention during psychotherapy has to be given to the creation of pregnant image. Also significant position is the creation of really positive spirit for treatment, without elements of fear and increased uneasiness.
Results of researches allow to make a conclusion that women, who suffer from infertility and address with this problem to the clinics of reproductive medicine, should not remain without psychotherapeutic support. Psychocorrection of a stressful state, multidirectional and continuous throughout all medical cycle, allows to improve productivity of the IVF program.

Сиваш Алёна Васильевна

Alyona Sivash

psychotherapist of the highest category

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