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Surrogacy in Ukraine

About surrogacy in Ukraine

The method of IVF including surrogacy at first was used at the USA on 1986.

The involving of surrogacy in the process of IVF in Ukraine began at the beginning of 80-s. The first program of IVF in Ukraine was done in Kharkov on the 1991. The program of surrogacy took a place first also in Kharkov.

Our clinic cooperates with the Center of donation and surrogate motherhood.

Surrogacy today

The program of surrogacy has a great progress. But the most important problem of surrogacy is juridical side of the question. Our clinic provides a complete package of services including legal support. We can provide a program for citizens of almost all countries except France.

There is a regulated by law surrogacy in Ukraine. There are also Ukrainian laws which regulate semen donation, oocytes donation and other reproductive techniques to cure infertility.

Surrogate mother. Necessary criteria

  • The age of woman should be between 18 and 35 years old. The surrogate mother must have an own child. If surrogate mother is married, there must be the request of her husband that he does not mind if his wife will be the surrogate mother.
  • The most important aspect is that surrogate mother has no mental disorders.
Феськов Александр Михайлович

Alexandr Feskov

Director of Center of Human Reproduction, head physician

Феськова Ирина Анатольевна

Irina Feskova

medical director of the Center of Human Reproduction

Жилкова Евгения Станиславовна

Evgeniya Zhilkova

head of the genetic laboratory

Блажко Елена Васильевна

Elena Blazhko

head of the department of hospital for in-patients

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