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Varicocele - is a disease associated with varicose veins of the spermatic cord and testicle. The development of varicocele is caused by valves in the veins, which prevent backflow of blood, do not work well - and with increasing of pressure in the veins, venous vessel is expanding. In other words, there is an expansion of veins, which surround the spermatic cord.
The incidence of varicocele on the left is caused by left testicular Vienna runs from the left renal vein at a right angle. With frequent physical exercises, there is an excessive release of blood from the left renal vein and plus outflow of venous blood from the testicles, thus caused its varicose.
By itself, varicose veins of the spermatic cord are not a big problem and patient's life is not threatened - with varicocele you can safely live your life without any inconvenience. However, the complication of the disease may become a problem - infertility and pain symptoms.
Place of the scrotum outside the body is designed for the correct formation of normal sperm, as t ° C in the testes should be lower for 2-3 ° C than t ° C of the body. Varicose vienna can not only squeeze the testicle, appendage, deferent duct, and improve t ° C in the testis.
Treatment of varicocele
Varicose veins on legs are treated by surgery in this or that form. However, due to the fact that varicocele is not a dangerous disease, by itself, it is not an indication for surgery. Varicocele surgery is required in the following cases:
• Pain symptoms in the testicles.
• Male infertility (deterioration of spermatozoa quality).
• Defect in the scrotum.
• In modern medicine 4 basic operations for the treatment of varicocele are used:
• Marmar's operation from miniaccess.
• Open (usual) operation of Ivanisevich.
• Endoscopic operation.
• Microsurgical testicular revascularization.
Marmar's operation at varicocele
This operation is the microsurgical treatment of varicocele. It is held with the microsurgical microscope, that reduces the rate of complications and relapses to a minimum.
Marmar's operation at varicocele is made through a small incision at the exit point of the spermatic cord. After dissection of the skin, the spermatic cord is found, and then is tied up his veins by the piece, freeing the artery that provides better blood supply to the tissues of the testis and epididymis. After that, the blood outflow from the egg passes through the superficial veins.
How much is a varicocele surgery in Kharkov, you can find out by contacting our coordinator for the contacts, listed on the site.

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