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Intrauterine insemination


AI – is an introduction of spermatozoa to the uterus cavity in the period of spontaneous or induced ovulation. Previously, the sperm (of spouse or donor) is exposed to the special processing, which increases the ability of spermatozoa for fertilization. An important condition is the existence of information about the passability of uterine tubes.
It can be done by means of diagnostic operations: fertiloscopy, laparoscopy or by means of a X-ray analysis. Ultrasound diagnostic monitoring of maturing of a prepotent follicle in the ovary is done.
AI can be done in a natural cycle (without medicamentous stimulation) or in a cycle with stimulation. The sperm, which previously passed the processing in the special environments, increasing its impregnating ability is entered during the periovulatory period into the uterus cavity of the woman. This procedure does not demand providing the anesthesia..
Insemination is providing at:
- various sexual frustration
- immunological infertility
- insignificant deviation of sperm quality from norm
- endocrine frustration involving absence of ovulation after induction of maturing of prepotent follicle
The artificial insemination is applied with donor sperm at critical indicators of husband sperm quality:
1. Azoospermia - no sperm in the ejaculate;
2. Severe oligoastenoteratozoospermiya (untreatable sharp decrease of concentration and motility, presence of significant number of abnormal sperm in the ejaculate).
For sperm donation, men till 40 years are anonymously attracted, who have healthy children, the last full examination- without urological, venereal and hereditary diseases. In case of positive result after artificial insemination with donor sperm, the pregnancy is carried out as if it came in natural cycle. Officially, the father of the child is the woman's husband. The donor does not have neither rights for paternity, nor any obligations.

Artificial insemination: prices in Kharkov

How much is artificial insemination with husband / donor sperm?
Price of the procedure of artificial insemination in the IVF Center of professor Feskov A.M. ® (Ukraine, Kharkiv) can vary. Please, clarify by call-center telephone numbers - +38 (057) 760 46 66, +38 (067) 579 97 85.

Possible complications during insemination. Possible complications after insemination can be ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome, multiple pregnancy, ectopic pregnancy.

Зозулина Александра Николаевна

Alexandra Zozulina

doctor obstetrician-gynecologist

Безпечная Ирина Михайловна

Irina Bezpechnaya

head of the IVF department

Тищенко Алексей Александрович

Aleksey Tischenko


Чумакова Наталья Александровна

Natalia Chumakova

doctor obstetrician-gynecologist

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